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Tara Mahady

Resilience Coach, Meditation & Yoga Guide, Spiritual Educator
Cultivate your refuge of resilience.
Contemplative, meditative and embodied practices reveal your refuge within.


We all have a refuge within. It’s always there, but we forget, or it's been overgrown with the wilds of life. Through practice, we aim to reveal and remember it. By doing so, we expand our container to host and integrate the wide range of emotion and human experience.


This refuge is a wellspring of resiliency, hope, grace and strength. It supports us in embracing the light, the dark, the shadows and the spark. It is here that we integrate these seeming opposites; it is the space from which we create the ground to meet life as it is. The ground from which we can delve into deeper and deeper inner work and healing.


I offer trauma sensitive practices in conscious community or through one-on-one support. Through dedicated, ongoing practice (you can't skip steps!) you have the possibility to cultivate and nurture resilience and thriving relationships with self and others. Increased self-awareness and emotional awareness and agility lead to a deeper self-trust. Beyond these practical benefits, on the Absolute level, the aim of this work is to create the unique conditions in which you have the possibility to experience a return to Source.​


A Little About Me

My aim as a yoga and meditation practitioner and coach are collective spiritual liberation as well as collaborative and co-creative healing and evolution through collective wisdom and committed spiritual practice. I'm a queer, cis, white-bodied woman living in New Hampshire, USA. (Pronouns she/her.) I live with complex trauma which gives rise to periodic depression and anxiety. I'm imperfect, messy, and always working to learn and unlearn. Like everyone, I'm a work in progress! I believe that there is always more wisdom in the room when souls come together than any of us truly realize. It is from this lived experience that I guide, work and facilitate.

Collective spiritual liberation is only possible through individual commitment, community care and anti-oppressive dismantling (internally and externally). The work we engage in together is but one piece of what's necessary for showing up and staying on paths to full collective liberation. We work to support and sustain ourselves spiritually so that the work toward true justice and equality may continue. An invitation to dig deeper, to tend beauty, and to build - one ordinary practice at a time - encourages new patterns for life together. 


I'm deeply interested in the ways in which ancient, undiluted practices intersect with and support modern healing modalities (somatic work, therapy, trauma healing etc.) and anti-opression and anti-racist activism. As we work with our own internal obstructions and obscurations, we transform our relationships with self and other, and this in turn has the possibility of inspiring change in our spheres of influence. In conscious community there is the deepest potential for healing, and it is for this reason that most of my work is offered live and person-to-person (online) rather than as downloadable courses to be consumed in isolation.

Areas of Passion and Curiosity

Meditation, Contemplative Practice, Yoga, Tantra & Sri Vidya, Conscious Facilitation, Conscious Conflict, Resilience Through The Lens of Spiritual Practice, Trauma Recovery

How I Work

Transformational Courses & Classes, Individual and Group Resilience Coaching, Conflict Coaching for Individuals & Groups, Yoga & Meditation Courses & Classes
Interest & Work
Upcoming Offerings

Upcoming Courses & Classes

yoga nidra wispy.jpg
Yoga Nidra for Resilience

In this 4-week course you will learn the ancient and modern science of yoga nidra - deep conscious rest. Within a container of mindful community, you will tend the nervous system, create a practice of deep restoration, cultivate internal safety and reveal the Divinity within.


Contact Me

I work with individuals, private groups, and open groups online and in person (once COVID allows for this again).

PO Box 531

South Sutton, NH 03273

email me

Phone: 603-568-1612

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