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My aim as a yoga and meditation practitioner and coach are collective spiritual liberation as well as collaborative and co-creative healing and evolution through collective wisdom and committed spiritual practice. I'm a queer, cis, white-bodied woman living in New Hampshire, USA. (Pronouns she/her.) I live with complex trauma which gives rise to periodic depression and anxiety. I'm imperfect, messy, and always working to learn and unlearn. Like everyone, I'm a work in progress! I believe that there is always more wisdom in the room when souls come together than any of us truly realize. It is from this lived experience that I guide, work and facilitate.

Collective spiritual liberation is only possible through individual commitment, community care and anti-oppressive dismantling (internally and externally). The work we engage in together is but one piece of what's necessary for showing up and staying on paths to full collective liberation. We work to support and sustain ourselves spiritually so that the work toward true justice and equality may continue. An invitation to dig deeper, to tend beauty, and to build - one ordinary practice at a time - encourages new patterns for life together. 


I'm deeply interested in the ways in which ancient, undiluted practices intersect with and support modern healing modalities (somatic work, therapy, trauma healing etc.) and anti-opression and anti-racist activism. As we work with our own internal obstructions and obscurations, we transform our relationships with self and other, and this in turn has the possibility of inspiring change in our spheres of influence. In conscious community there is the deepest potential for healing, and it is for this reason that most of my work is offered live and person-to-person (online) rather than as downloadable courses to be consumed in isolation.

My Approach
Individual Coaching
Flower Shadow

My Approach

Classes, Courses & Trainings

Resilience ~ Emotional Regulation ~ Emotional Intelligence

Conscious Conflict ~ Improving Relationships

We are all mirrors for one another; healing and growth blossoms in relationship. Every time a group of people comes together, a new being - a new body - a new container is created. When this space is consciously facilitated and co-created, the potential for personal growth and expansion increases multifold. For this reason, I request a commitment of time and energy for the majority of the classes, courses and trainings that I  offer.


Practically, what does this mean? Simply, that if you sign up for the offering, you attend live and in real time for the majority of the course. It is understood that some things cannot be avoided, but within this context you are being asked to not only be responsible to yourself, but also to a community that we create together. Even though recordings are offered, they will not include the pieces that involve facilitated sharing or interactive group aspects of the course.


Committing to the experience supports not only our own growth, but others as well. This is community care.

Currently, all of my offerings are online.

Individual Coaching


Conscious Conflict ~ Improving Relationships

Resilience ~ Emotional Regulation ~ Emotional Intelligence

When we work together, we will co-create a one-month, three-month or six-month program crafted to address the areas of growth you wish to pursue. 


I like to think of this work as therapy-adjacent as it is not meant as a substitute for therapy. The work, if resonant for you, can be extremely supportive of the therapeutic process. It is not required that you be in therapy to pursue this work; however, if we travel into waters that are outside of my scope of practice, I have a group of trusted therapists that I can refer you to. I am not a licensed psychotherapist. I don't diagnose, offer psychological counseling or treatment.


If interested in pursuing one-on-one sessions, we will begin with a 30-minute free conversation to see if I and this work are a good fit for you.

I hold one 3-month and one 6-month coaching spot open for activists or people within the LGBTQ+ community at no cost. If interested, please contact me to have a conversation, and if a good fit, be placed on the waiting list.

Training & Experience

Meditation, Mantra, Tantra & Sri Vidya

I'm grateful to be an authorized guide of Śrī Vidyā under the guidance and tutelage of my main teacher Śrī Vidyā adept, Maa Uma-Parvathi Nath. Śrī Vidyā is an ancient and intricate form of traditional Shakta worship honoring the Divine Feminine. For decades I've trained in many different forms of meditation with roots in Vajrayana Buddhism and Tantra. I'm a yoga asana and yoga nidra practitioner. This created the ground for me to embark on the journey of Śrī Vidyā, which are now my foundational and daily practices that support me in my own healing and enable to me to bring presence to my work and inspire my own commitment to expansion.

  • Advanced training and certification in Vipassana/Insight, Metta Meditation, Mindfulness Training

  • Twenty-five years of dedicated meditation practice

  • Ten years of committed personal practice on the Sri Vidya Path

  • In fifth year of ongoing advanced teacher training with Maa Uma-Parvathi

  • Guiding meditation and contemplative practices for a decade

  • Eight years guiding Tantra and Sri Vidya

Yoga Asana & Embodiment Practices
  • Basic and Advanced Certification in Yoga Asana:

    • Yoga Nidra

    • Kripalu Yoga​

    • Vinyasa Flow Yoga

    • Gentle Yoga

    • Restorative Yoga

    • Yoga for Cancer

    • Trauma Informed Yoga

    • Modern & Ancient Embodied Mindful Movement Practices

  • Twelve years of dedicated personal practice​

  • Nine years teaching / educating

Trauma Informed
  • Trauma Informed Meditation Training with Tara Brach and Jack Kornfield

  • Trauma & the Unbound Body Training

  • Continued learning and education ongoing in 2021

  • Ongoing healing of trauma within my own body-mind-system

  • Conscious Facilitation training with Off the Mat Into the World

  • Malcolm Rosenberg Nonviolent Communication Training

  • Harvard Graduate School Continuing Education Training in Effective Facilitation

Education & Other Career
  • BA in Environmental Humanities, VT College of Norwich University

  • Veteran Nonprofit Marketing and Development Professional

Trainig and Experience
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