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Yoga Nidra for Resilience

Online via Zoom. 4 Sundays beginning April 25th.

Come home to the refuge of your heart, a wellspring of resilience. Yoga nidra, an ancient technology backed by modern science, nurtures your innate capacity to rest deeply and fully. Yoga nidra is not just a technique. It is a state of Consciousness and complete yoga practice in and of itself. With dedicated and consistent practice, it has the potential to support you in a return to Source ~ a remembering of your Divine Nature and the Wholeness you are.

Resilience arises from the ground of practice, openness and inner relaxation, restoration, and knowing. It is always available to us; yoga nidra helps us remember.

In this video I share a little about my yoga nidra journey...

What Is Yoga Nidra?

Yoga nidra is an ancient technology designed to carry us into the deepest levels of conscious rest and transformation. It is a meditative journey into a deep state of relaxation where the conscious mind rests between sleep and wakefulness. You are gently guided through a specific process that brings you to brainwave states that are similar to those in sleep, where the biology of your body makes it easier to disengage from thoughts and activate the natural restorative and healing powers of your entire being.

Yoga nidra is a powerful integrative practice, allowing the body-mind to digest, assimilate and transmute the residues of emotions, habitual patterns, stress, and even trauma. The process expands our container to be able to host the full spectrum of experience, thought and emotion contributing to inner resilience.

At its core, yoga nidra is an ancient tantric spiritual practice. As such, it has the potential to change the nature of your mind, restore your innate creativity and joy, and ultimately enable a Homecoming to the Universal Nature of Soul. You will inevitably learn and get to know aspects of yourself that have been obscured by the experiences of life or gone into hiding. Grounded in your True Nature, your confidence in your own voice will increase and your intuition will grow stronger.

Process of Yoga Nidra

Although there are many aspects to prepare for and understand the process of yoga nidra, the actual practice itself is quite simple. You lie down in a comfortable position on the ground, in your bed, or sit comfortably in a chair, and listen to the sound of the voice of your guide. 

In this course we will go through those steps, with particular focus on cultivating an inner resource for safety and a sankalpa (the closest English translation would be intention) for transformation.

At the end of the four weeks you will have cultivated the ground to practice on your own, though you will have an opportunity to continue on in supported conscious community.

Above the Clouds

What You Receive

  • 12 hours of live, in-person teachings, community support and practices

  • Individual audio recordings of all the yoga nidra practices, plus one new yoga nidra recording for the following six weeks after the course, for a total of 10 yoga nidra practice audio recordings.

  • Yoga asana sequences and other embodied movement practices to prepare the body for this deep rest.

  • Weekly journal writing prompts.

  • An online group for continuing community support outside of sessions.

  • Weekly 'office hours' where you have the opportunity to ask me questions, raise concerns, get feedback and suggestions for integrating any material raised through your practice.

  • Audio and video recordings of all the teachings.

Modern Benefits

Yoga nidra guides us into the deepest state of sleep where the brain produces theta and delta waves, but we remain conscious throughout. It relaxes the body and awakens the unconscious and subconscious mind creating an environment in your system that encourages healing.

Rest, Restoration & Rejuvenation

Yoga nidra addresses exhaustion at the physical, mental and emotional levels. It can help with insomnia. 45 min of Yoga Nidra is as restorative as 3 hrs of sleep. It allows for the restoration of energies in body, mind and spirit, cultivating and nurturing resilience.

Stress & Trauma Management

Your nervous system is designed to heal itself. Everyone has a unique path to help reduce stress; yoga nidra is designed to soothe and calm the nervous system, and works well for most folx. It has also been proven to assist in the healing of trauma.

Physical Health

Our bodies naturally want to heal. Deep rest through yoga nidra brings down inflammation and improves the immune system. It has been proven to lessen chronic pain and pms symptoms as well. With regular practice it can also improve memory, reduce symptoms of type-2 diabetes and more.

Ancient Roots & Aim

 Yoga nidra was developed by ancient sages as a science and practice to realize ultimate freedom through remembering who we truly are. It is an integral part of a full yoga practice and is a full and tranformative spiritual practice on its own. 

Shift Your Identification

With Thoughts

WIth practice, yoga nidra helps us to release an identification with habitual and conditioned thought patterns that are constantly shaping and creating the reference points of our day-to-day reality. This is accomplished beyond the mind in a state of non-doing where the thoughts drop away and we move into ease.

Regulation and Integration of Difficult Emotions

Thousands of experiences move in, through and out of our body-mind-spirit system. However, there are times when experiences move in and become stuck, leaving us with fragmented and challenging emotional energy. Yoga nidra offers a profound means of integrating these difficult and splintered emotions.

Revealing Our

Divine Nature

With these shifts we move away from 'I am the body' toward an orientation of a unified field of Consciousness. We recognize ourselves as whole.  We cannot skip steps in this process, but with sincerity, devotion, and practice we remember who we really are  ~ nothing less than Divine Love. Divinity Embodied.

Above the Clouds

“Most people sleep without resolving their tensions. This is termed nidra. Nidra means sleep, no matter what or why, but yoga nidra means sleep after throwing off the burdens. It is of a blissful, higher quality all together.”

                               ~ Swami Satyananda Saraswati 

Week One


April 25th

1 - 5 pm EST

  • Introductions & Community Agreements

  • What is yoga nidra?

  • The ancient and modern science of yoga nidra.

  • The multi-step process of yoga nidra.

  • The energy layers of the body-mind system.

  • Inner resource & sankalpa (intention).

  • Yoga asana & other embodied sequences to prepare for yoga nidra.

  • Foundational 20-minute yoga nidra practice.

  • Sharing and connecting with other participants.

  • 'Homework' and practice suggestions.

  • Writing prompts through the week.

Week 2


May 2nd

4 - 6 pm EST

  • The body scan and physical level of yoga nidra practice.

  • Breathwork and the prana / breath level of yoga nidra practice.

  • Yoga nidra and insomnia.

  • 30-minute yoga nidra practice.

  • Sharing and connecting with other participants.

  • 'Homework' and practice suggestions.

  • Writing prompts through the week.

Week 3


May 9th

4 - 6 pm EST

  • Hosting opposites and the mental/mind level of yoga nidra practice.

  • Yoga nidra and emotional regulation and integration

  • Identifying emotions in the body-mind-spirit system.

  • More about sankalpas (intentions).

  • 40-minute yoga nidra practice.

  • Sharing and connecting with other participants.

  • 'Homework and practice suggestions.

Week 4


May 16th

1 - 5 pm EST

  • Wisdom and bliss levels of yoga nidra practice.

  • The power of visualization & journeying.

  • Returning to Source / remembering our Wholeness.

  • 50-minute yoga nidra practice.

  • Sharing and connecting with other participants.

  • Practice suggestions.

  • Supportive practices for your ongoing yoga nidra journey.

  • 40-Day yoga nidra challenge group.

Above the Clouds


If you cannot make it to every session, there will be recordings provided. I do request that you do your very best to make it in person to the first session on April 25th, but it's okay if you aren't able. Additionally, you can participate in the course purely via the recordings. These will not include any community sharing, but you all be included in a What'sApp Group if you wish.

Course Cost

I'm committed to making these teachings, tools and offerings as accessible to as many humans who wish to pursue them as possible. Thus, I've adopted a tiered approach to pricing. You pick the rate you can afford - no questions asked. I trust you to know what you can afford based on your financial situation, which is completely unique to each and every one of us. The highest rate allows me to offer services on a sliding scale basis and scholarships.

Community Care Registration - $150.00

For those who have disposable income and are able to contribute to this level of community care, helping to make this sliding scale possible and the teachings available to a wider and more diverse group of humans. 

Standard Registration - $108.00

For those who have an income, can cover their basic expenses and can afford to pay for this course.

Accessibility Registration - $54.00

For those who have extremely limited income, are having difficulty covering expenses, do not have an income at all or require government support.


For this course I am able to offer two full scholarships to people who fall into the Accessibility Rate category and/or  are within the LGBTQIA+ community or are a Black, Indigenous or Person of Color, on a first-come-first-served basis. Contact me to register or be put on the scholarship waiting list.

Important Note: This is not a teacher training program. If you are a trained professional in yoga, meditation, counseling, coaching etc., please speak to me about the Practitioner Rate, which will enable you to share the materials from this course with your clients/students.
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