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Yoga & Meditation Group
~ Summer Series ~
Evergreen Healing Arts

The Evergreen Yoga & Meditation Group offers an ongoing community of seekers who share in learning about and deepening their yoga and meditation practice together. 

Summer 2022 we'll be exploring the systems of the body and how they support and are impacted by our yoga and meditation practices.


Cultivate Your Refuge of the Heart

Contemplative, meditative and embodied practices reveal your refuge within. ​


We all have a refuge within. It’s always there, but we forget, or it's been overgrown with the wilds of life. Through practice, we aim to reveal and remember it. By doing so, we expand our container to host and integrate the wide range of emotion and human experience.


This refuge is a wellspring of resiliency, hope, grace and strength. It supports us in embracing the light, the dark, the shadows and the spark. It is here that we integrate these seeming opposites; it is the space from which we create the ground to meet life as it is. The ground from which we can delve into deeper and deeper inner work and healing.

If you're already on a healing journey of some kind, whether it be traditional therapy or something else, sometimes feel lonely in that work and have an orientation toward spiritual practice, we may be a good fit for working and co-creating together. I offer trauma-sensitive, spiritually based practices in facilitated conscious community or through one-on-one support. This ongoing guidance and holding enhances the work you are already doing and can provide a much needed support system along the way. These complementary spiritual practices address reactive emotions, conflicted relationships (with self or other) and other symptoms of trauma, depression, anxiety and everyday stress. 
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I work with individuals, private groups, and open groups online and in person (once COVID allows for this again).

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