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Playlists & Prompts

           ~ Music & Movement

Periodic playlists for the pure fun-of-it or with a theme and journal prompts to go along.

Music supports our spiritual paths in so many different ways. I'm excited to play with ways in which we can engage through music, movement, writing and more.


April New Moon Playlist & Prompts:

       Embrace Questions. Embrace Doubt.

       Plant Seeds for Connection.

Different lineages orient to the phases of the moon differently. In mine, we orient to the New Moon as a time to plant seeds and intentions that we would like to see come to fullness throughout the cycle. 


Each month I offer a themed playlist and journal prompts with which you can mindfully plant seeds within the refuge of the heart space.

Check out the playlist on Spotify.  And download the accompanying journal prompts for free below.

Download Your Prompts Now!

Dancing Women


50th Birthday Celebration Dance Playlist 2021. Enjoy the tunes and get yer groove on!

This playlist evolved over a month worth of daily dances that I posted online as a fundraiser for the Kearsarge Food Hub. Some great tunes to sink into and just allow your body to move intuitively and spontaneously.

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