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Take Action for India: COVID Relief

I can't stop thinking about the people of India as they live through the suffering of a second, devastating wave of COVID-19. My heart is shattered and I can't stop crying. When I sit to practice, grief flows forth. I refuse to share news stories that speak incorrectly about and show the shmashāna, but please do educate yourself. I saw one doctor refer to this as an apocalypse. 380,000 new cases and 352,000 deaths reported on the 30th (and probably vastly underreported).

For those of us who are white yoga and meditation teachers and practitioners, it is our obligation (yes, I mean that) to show up and help in any way we can. Our teachings, teachers and practices flow from the womb of Mother India herself. Here are just a few places to which you could donate:

Making the Difference ( - medical supplies such as oxygen and bed for public hospitals and nursing homes in Mumbai as well as meals, groceries, ration kits for those in quarantine

Seva Kitchen ( ) a nonprofit in Nagpur is seeking donations to provide meal kits for marginalized communities

Transgender Welfare Equity and Empowerment Trust ( has been creating and funding shelter homes for trans people in Delhi during the pandemic.

Kailash Satyarthi Children’s Foundation ( a children’s rights organization based in India, is collecting donations to help children in poverty-stricken communities with access to meals and education

Ongoing Mutual Aid Fundraisers (case sensitive)

These photos were taken in India in 2014. The more rural photos are from Hrishikesh and the city photos are from my absolute favorite place in India - maybe in the world (so far), Varanasi / Kashi, one of the oldest living cities in the world.

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