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On The Other Side of Fear is Freedom

Somewhere deep inside, we know that on the other side of fear is freedom. When fear and emotion rise up, they often trap us in habitual reactiveness, tension, and confusion, which are some of the ways our physical bodies are wired to engage with fear. Even if we don’t feel we have an outwardly ‘reactive’ personality, suppressing, avoiding or denying emotions is equally as reactive and harmful, just expressed differently. This reactiveness served us well and developed for a reason throughout our life, and certainly served our ancestors.


An important function of fear and emotion is to point toward our ignorance and offer an opportunity for waking up. Even though emotions that we are working through can be unsettling or scary or downright painful, they illuminate where emotional freedom needs to happen. Fear and emotions are not problems. In fact, they can provide the energetic propulsion necessary to advance on our spiritual path. Our reactiveness to these fears and emotions is what trip us up. When we consciously relate with and respond to our fears, understanding the textures, temperatures, and qualities of the obstructed emotions they birth, we can identify our ignorance and wake up to our life. We cultivate deep presence. We wake up to ourselves as we truly are ~ whole, complete, and an expression of Consciousness.

The work that I share supports the ongoing process of waking up to life ~ to being present in each moment and handling the inevitable ups and downs of this human life with as much grace and goodness as possible. 

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