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Water & Breath Retreat

Linday Tremblay

Linda Tremblay has been studying and practicing yoga for twenty years. She was first
introduced to meditation and then yoga in graduate school in a mind/body
psychotherapy class. Linda integrates those teachings in her psychotherapy private
practice in Pittsfield & Dover, NH. She has been guiding clients through movement
through challenging times in their lives since 2001. Linda is a certified Integral Breath
practitioner, certified yoga instructor, a certified Heart-Centered Hypnotherapist (CHT), a
NH licensed clinical mental health counselor (LCMHC) and a NH licensed alcohol and
drug counselor (MLADC). Linda enjoys activities of wellness such as gardening,
nature, hiking, dance, active imagination and learning.

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Tara Mahady

Tara is a certified yoga and meditation teacher. She believes that waking up to our wholeness and divinity is a basic human right, as well as our primary aim here on Earth.  She’s a certified Kripalu yoga teacher, has basic and advanced certification in flow yoga, and is a certified Yoga 4 Cancer teacher. Tara’s meditation practice and training reaches back decades and includes training in Insight Meditation (vipassana and metta) in the Theravada Buddhist tradition as well as training in Shambala Meditation. She is currently immersed in the ancient science of Sri Vidya, focused on the worship of the Divine Feminine.

All of Tara's practices and offerings center around reducing emotional reactiveness so that we are better able to connect with ourselves, our loved ones, and the world. Working within the framework of elemental energies, she assists people in tuning into, balancing and potentially even releasing their inner emotional obstructions through meditation, mantra and the physical aspects of yoga.

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