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Snow In April & Other Truths We Avoid

Every year. Every damn year this happens. At least here in New Hampshire. The snow goes away, flowers and trees begin to blossom. We’re lulled into believing that winter has gone away for good. Yet, we all know better. Every year there is a Spring day like today, when the daffodils and early magnolia trees bloom, and then ….. you guessed it…. it snows.

This is the video is from my side yard this morning, April 16th.

I always chuckle to myself as it really is amusing. We always fool ourselves that there won’t be that one last holdout day of snow.

Painful & Harmful Avoidance

This is a lighthearted and almost predictable avoidance, that as New Englanders, we join together in joking about each year. However, there are other more painful acts of self-deception that impact not only our own lives, but the lives of others as well.

What other things that we know are true do we turn away from within our internal and external landscapes?

Our bodies and minds are wired to protect ourselves, and turning away from things is sometimes necessary for survival. But, sometimes it’s a matter of privilege. Or the path of least resistance. Or refusing to be uncomfortable. Sometimes it’s just habit. Sometimes it’s because we need a break.

From a spiritual perspective, one of the most deliberate con jobs we pull on ourselves is that we are separate from Source. That somehow, we are not Whole. This fundamental deliberate ignorance is the root of all others. It’s so huge that it’s difficult to comprehend or feel in an embodied way in our system.

Be clear! Turning away from what we know to be true is human. However, on a collective scale, there are certain things that we must push hard to confront: white supremacy, patriarchy, transphobia to name a few. We must hold each other accountable in courageously and irrefutably facing these things that for some of us have been to our advantage to avoid.

On an individual level, it's important to remember that your unique body-mind-spirit makeup has its own pace. So we start small and work our way up. Step by slow step, we build an internal capacity to host and tolerate the discomfort that arises as we slowly and mindfully face the truths we’ve not yet been ready or adequately equipped to confront. This is wise and compassionate. And this cultivates resilience.ul & Hr

There is no one-size-fits-all technique that is going to make this somehow miraculously easy. Different things may work at different times. There are so many wonderful supports out there to help you pursue this work safely and at your own pace. Yoga nidra is one of my go-to's. I'd love to hear which ones are your favorites!


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