50th Birthday Fundraiser

Joy. Hope. Service.


In 30 days I turn 50 years old. 50!

This is an invitation to come along on a journey and celebrate with me…


Neither joy nor hope come easy to me.


For a whole lot of reasons I’ve stuffed them down deep throughout my life. I’ve denied myself laughter, connection, and happiness. So many of us have. And today, as our Government votes to impeach our president for the 2nd time, my nature is to ask, "Who am I to be joyful?" 


How dare I?

“Joy is an act of resistance” has become a rallying cry in the Trump era – one that has, quite frankly, confounded me. I’ve spent a lot of time these last few months considering this. Re-connecting with the work of, mainly, black womyn activists who understand that joy is a direct threat to oppression. Here is what I am learning:

•    Joy has a propulsive force; anything that gathers and channels that energy threatens to upend the rigid control of a population. Music, dance, art, eroticism: all of these fuel an emotional response that creates momentum, sparks creativity, and liberates.
•    The power of celebrations goes beyond the energy they create. Joy creates Unity.
•    Individual joy empowers by affirming our humanity. If we affirm our humanity – we view ourselves as worthy and whole.
•    Joy takes something that might be threatening to people, such as difference or otherness, and makes it less so. Dance and sing with people and divisions begin to heal. Joy brings understanding and compassion. The great Audre Lorde knew this, “The sharing of joy, whether physical, emotional, psychic, or intellectual, forms a bridge between the sharers which can be the basis for understanding much of what is not shared between them, and lessens the threat of their difference.”
•    Joy promotes resilience.

So I’ve been asking myself. What does bring my joy?

  • Weaving together my favorite people and the things I love most:  

  • Dancing (my original idea for a 50th party was a huge dance party – but COVID)

  • Practicing (meditation etc.)

  • Talking about all the ideas

  • Learning and growing

  • Helping to make my corner of the world a better place to exist. (Keep reading to join in!)

  • Being with my pup Olive in the woods.

As I roll toward 50, I’m daring myself to be joyful. Hopeful.

I dare you to join me and do the same.

We will NOT ignore the oppression, suffering, pain, and privilege in the world.

We will play and experiment with the idea of joy as a propulsive force. Of joy as liberation - for all.

But most importantly, joy for the sake of it.

fundraising page.png

Tara's 50th B-Day Fundraiser


Kearsarge Food Hub


I’m combining all of the things that bring me joy into a 30-day 50th Birthday fundraising adventure.


I hope you'll join me in:

  • #EmbraceJoyDailyDance video 

    • These dance videos are inspired by many: Nita Rubio and her Dance Joy videos. Tracy Donahue and her Kitchen Dances. Jonathan Van Ness and their daily coffee dances. Thank you for blazing the trail for me.

  • Spontaneous dance parties on Zoom

  • Pop-up yoga nidra and meditation classes

  • #EmbraceJoyPhoto I'll share mine, you share yours & tag me!

  • A 2-hour spontaneous movement and yoga nidra class to wrap it all up on Friday Feb. 12th guided by myself and Maya Carl, hosted by Evergreen Healing Arts

  • and more… 

All of this in service to a fundraiser for my beloved nonprofit, Kearsarge Food Hub, of which I am a board member. This is a collective of humans who inspire me and challenge me to grow each and every day. Who have helped me begin to reclaim joy in my life.


My Goal is to Raise $2,500 or more for our work of food access, food and farm based education and community resiliency.

Every donation, near or far, no matter the amount, weaves together the energies of all of for the upliftment of all.

My Favorite Things Raffle. Every week I’ll raffle off one of my favorite things, the winner chosen from those who have donated that week.

Who dares to embrace joy with me?

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